Free water and discounted drinks at All-Energy

Free water and discounted drinks at All-Energy

The SEC is encouraging visitors to All-Energy to re-use and keep hydrated as it pushes forward with its sustainability plans.

The venue is supplying 200 free re-usable cups and free water in the Boulevard for All–Energy visitors. This is a first for All-Energy and for the SEC. You can collect your cup from the registration area. For those of you who bring your own vessel you’ll be pleased to know that you too can get free water top-ups from the Boulevard taps as well! Whether you bring your own, or pick up a free cup you’ll qualify for a discount on hot drinks purchased at any of the outlets at All-Energy.

All-Energy and Dcarbonise is the UK’s leading and only full supply chain renewables and low carbon energy event for the private and public sector energy end users, developers and investors.

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