Cambridge Global Payments: Connecting you with the global marketplace

Cambridge Global Payments: Connecting you with the global marketplace

What is Cambridge Global Payments?

Our reputation is built on ensuring our clients are successful, using proven strategies and our award-winning capabilities. Above all else, we’re genuine people who genuinely care. We believe in getting to know you, your industry and your business needs. More than 13,000 clients worldwide understand the difference we can make. You can be one of them.

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As Cambridge expands into new markets and time zones, our vision remains constant: to find ingenious ways to connect our clients with success, as the premier provider of cross-border payment and currency risk management solutions.


It is our mission to provide our business clients with superior service and expertise in foreign exchange and global payments. Nothing matters more to us than helping you connect with the global marketplace.


To make the most of global opportunities, you need a trusted partner. Cambridge has the agility to work at your pace of business and the ingenuity to help you capitalize on potential quickly, delivering innovative solutions to meet your payment and transaction needs.

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