Gilkes Invest in Next Generation Machining Capability

Gilkes Invest in Next Generation Machining Capability

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. delivers innovative, single source solutions to the small hydropower and High horsepower engine markets and is delighted to showcase its latest investment in next-generation machining capability.

Hydropower turbine runners are traditionally cast and polished by hand: a laborious task taking hundreds of man hours. Recent years has seen Gilkes purchase these runners from specialist machine shops adding high precision and repeatability but at significant cost.

The challenge set by Rebecca Sandham, Gilkes’ Head of Operations, was to install the capacity to fully machine a hydropower turbine runner from a solid billet of material.

With an overall project investment of £1.3million, approved by the Board of Gilkes, Mazak installed & commissioned an INTEGREX E-1250V/8S 5-axis machine tool in early March 2020 with the project team wholly committed to delivering a fully machined Pelton runner to a Hydro scheme by January 2021. Partnering with Mazak, Brown & Holmes, Nikken, Iscar, SolidCAM and VERICUT the team encountered many challenges along the way, the greatest of these being to have the ability to completely machine the runner without the need to finish off hard to reach elements with sub-contract spark erosion. With Mazak’s innovative technology, Brown and Holmes workholding, Nikken and Iscar tooling skills and Gilkes’ production engineering talent supported by SolidCAM and VERICUT, the team met this challenge with a solution that saves the need for sub-contract spark erosion reducing lead times and cost.

As well as onshoring a complex and high value component back to the UK, the project also moved the Gilkes team into new areas of expertise including 3D scanning, laser measurement, tool optimisation & real-time sensing.

The addition of a 5-axis machine tool strengthens Gilkes current in-house machining capability, significantly increasing productivity levels and enabling Gilkes to continue to be highly competitive in the global market.

Rebecca Sandham summarised this success. “This new machining addition fully complements Gilkes’ manufacturing strategy and helps nurture our engineering skills, capabilities and knowledge. The entire project team has worked tirelessly to deliver this project. Their enthusiasm, talent & determination has inspired many young engineers on our shop floor.”

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd is a privately owned, internationally established manufacturing business based in the UK, employing around 200 people. Specialists in Hydropower & Pumping Systems since 1856, Gilkes now export to over 85 Countries around the world. The company have supplied over 6800 hydroelectric turbines worldwide, and supply engine cooling pumps to the worlds blue chip engine manufacturers, including Caterpillar, Cummins & GE Transportation.

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