DWF: Creating a Market for Hydrogen

DWF: Creating a Market for Hydrogen

Examining the levers that could unlock the hydrogen market in Europe and beyond

Written and produced by DWF

Hydrogen is a powerful, disruptive and evolving force that can help decarbonise almost every sector of the economy and increase the flexibility of modern energy systems. European governments have positioned themselves as key backers of this emerging energy carrier, as part of the green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, and companies have begun announcing large pathfinder and development projects. Europe’s potential market size means it will set the agenda in the hydrogen era. Currently however, hydrogen faces significant barriers of economics and business models, requiring incentives and government coordination to achieve commercial scale and maturity. Governments, investors, companies and consumers need a clear view on how they can benefit from the hydrogen opportunity.

In this report we consider:

  • How will hydrogen scale up and what future markets will emerge?
  • What role will the EU Hydrogen Strategy and the upcoming UK hydrogen strategy play in enabling the transition to a net zero carbon integrated economy?
  • What policy, legal and regulatory frameworks are required to support a fast-growing, cost-effective, reliable and low-carbon hydrogen industry?

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