A Sustainable Ocean Economy

A Sustainable Ocean Economy
The move toward a sustainable and climate-neutral Blue Economy will have a positive impact on global economic impacts, technology innovation, and investment. This panel will explore the current outlook and future challenges in areas such as energy, climate adaptation, and marine habitat protection and the role that technology will play to further these goals.
We will also look at what this means for the future of the blue economy and our Oceanology audience. Live audience Q&A will operate throughout the session allowing time for plenty of discussion and interaction.
  • Prof. Ralph Rayner – Moderator
  • Oceanology Conference Chairman, London School of Economics
  • Thorsten Kiefer, Executive Director, JPI Oceans
  • Melanie Nadeau, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship
  • Huw Gullick, Managing Director NOC Innovations, National Oceanography Centre
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