The Fight Against Climate Change: Looking into How Heat Pumps Can Change the Future

The Fight Against Climate Change: Looking into How Heat Pumps Can Change the Future

Key Highlights 

  • The goal of COP27 is to reinforce the emission commitments set at the Glasgow climate summit the previous year. 
  • Trying to cut carbon emissions as much as possible is one way to combat global warming. 
  • The world's consumption of coal, gas, and oil—the primary contributors to climate change—might be drastically reduced, according to expectations at Cop27. 
  • Go Geothermal, the top provider of heat pumps in the UK, built its first national training facility in Seaham to meet the emerging demand to switch to the usage of renewable energy technology. 
  • A member of the DCC Group in Warrington, Certas Energy, recently purchased Freedom Heat Pumps from a company in Preston as part of its strategy for energy transformation. 

COP27 and their actions against climate change 

As the effects of the climate catastrophe wreaked havoc on our planet, this month's environmental summit began. COP27 aims to strengthen the emission pledges that were made at last year’s Glasgow climate summit. These pledges aim to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

One strategy to combat global warming is to try to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible. In order to be less vulnerable to the impending floods, droughts, sea level rises, and crop calamities brought on by a warming globe, the world must also adapt. Better flood defences, seawalls, community relocation to higher land, and protection of road and rail linkages from storms and flooding are some examples of these adaptations.  

At Cop27, there was hope that the world might significantly reduce its consumption of coal, gas, and oil—the main causes of climate change. It should be noted that this optimism was a result of India's intention for the progressive reduction, rather than the complete elimination, of fossil fuel use. 

We must convert from heating that relies on high-carbon fuels to cleaner, low- or zero-carbon alternatives in order to reduce our carbon emissions and attain net zero. Heat pumps are one of these solutions. 

The Use of Heat Pumps to Combat Global Warming 

The heat pump is proving to be crucial in the fight against global warming as the world strives to quickly reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. In all climates, heat pumps provide an effective replacement for furnaces and air conditioners. 

With this, two opportunities have opened for the heat decarbonisation industry. 

The Opening of Go Geothermal’s new training centre in Seaham 

To accommodate the growing demand from businesses and homeowners switching to renewable energy technology, Go Geothermal, the leading heat pump supplier in the UK, built its first national training centre in Seaham.  

CTC heat pumps installation will provide engineers with practical experience and training. The courses will be taught in collaboration with Robinsons UK, a national academy. Engineers involved will be given the BPEC Level 3 Award Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps certification after completing the training. 

The new training centre for Go Geothermal will be used by a variety of businesses, including Karbon Homes. Other training facilities in Exeter, Worcester, Blackpool, and Glasgow will open in 2023. 

After the acquisition, the size of Freedom Heat Pumps is expected to triple 

As part of its plan for the energy transformation, Certas Energy in Warrington, a member of the DCC Group, recently acquired Preston-based Freedom Heat Pumps. Freedom Heat Pumps is on track to triple its sales over the next two years thanks to a prolonged period of growth.  

The acquisition, according to managing director Chris Higgs, gives a "great opportunity" for the company's Lancashire base to continue growing. He claimed that the company was currently seeking development prospects throughout the UK in order to maintain its excellent course of growth over the following years. In addition, the company sells heat pump equipment to clients all across the UK and provides training and assistance. Aside from its headquarters in Lancashire, the business's operations, finances, and half of its technical support team are all based in Southampton. 

County councillor and cabinet member for economic growth and development for Lancashire County Council Aidy Riggott said that Lancashire should be proud of Freedom Heat Pumps as it is a true success story. Through its fully supported Growth Mentoring initiative, Boost, Lancashire's Business Growth Hub, provided assistance to Freedom Heat Pumps in 2017. Higgs received guidance from Boost mentor David Grant on how to steer the business through its transformation from a lifestyle business to a professional development organisation. 

Carbon emissions reduction and the shift to a more sustainable energy source will be the first steps to reaching the net zero goal. The low carbon community must take part in efforts to increase energy effectiveness and lower costs for the built environment and transportation options. Visit the official page of Dcarbonise Exhibition and Conference 2023 now to learn more about the initiatives in lowering carbon impact for sustainability! 

Whether you have been a part of All-Energy & Dcarbonise before, or are joining us for the first time, we look forward to seeing you in Glasgow in 2023.

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