Three Offshore Wind Farms Transforming the Energy Landscape

Three Offshore Wind Farms Transforming the Energy Landscape

Key Highlights

  • The global offshore wind sector will rise 12.3% from 2021 to 2026, from USD 31.8 billion to USD 56.8 billion. 
  • TotalEnergies and PTTEP, Thailand's national oil and gas company, have agreed to sell 25.5% of the Seagreen offshore wind farm off Scotland. The parties' agreement values this sale at £522 million ($689 million). 
  • The Scottish Moray West offshore wind farm project received a £95.5 million Barclays loan, which considerably improved it. Amazon may invest in the Moray West offshore wind farm to power all its UK companies with sustainable energy by next year. 
  • Iberdrola Group member Avangrid plans further on- and offshore wind farm testing in the coming weeks. One turbine supplied 5 MW of power on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, during commissioning. 


There has been a proliferation of cutting-edge offshore wind energy projects in recent years. Massive wind farms, frequently located at great distances from land, are changing the face of the energy industry by capturing wind energy and transforming it into sustainable power. 

The offshore wind industry has been booming over the last decade, and it doesn't appear like it will ever slow down. There will be a 12.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the worldwide offshore wind industry from 2021 to 2026, taking it from an anticipated USD 31.8 billion to USD 56.8 billion. 

Here are three offshore wind farms, each leaving a notable imprint on the contemporary energy landscape: 

1. Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm

In operation since 2012, Seagreen boasts 114 turbines with a combined capacity of 1075 MW, making it Scotland's largest offshore wind farm. Along with contributing significantly to Scotland's net-zero goal by 2045*, the wind farms will displace over 2 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel-generated energy annually, which is equivalent to reducing almost a third of all yearly vehicle emissions in Scotland. 

Deals have been struck between TotalEnergies and PTTEP, the national oil and gas firm of Thailand, to sell 25.5% of the stock in the Seagreen offshore wind farm off the coast of Scotland. This deal is worth £522 million ($689 million) as per the parties' agreements. 

2. Moray West Offshore Wind Farm 

To ensure a steady and inexpensive supply of electricity for up to 1.33 million households, the UK is in critical need of new generating capacity. The Moray West Offshore Wind Farm is poised to provide this by deploying established technology in an area with a recognised wind resource. 

Being the first UK offshore wind farm to depend on corporate power purchase agreements for commercialization, Moray West Offshore Wind Farm has achieved financial close and obtained £2 billion in non-recourse project funding. The initiative seeks to attain complete power generation by 2025, aligning with the renewable energy goals set by both the United Kingdom and Scotland. 

Barclays extended a loan of £95.5 million to the Moray West offshore wind farm project in Scotland, greatly enhancing the project. Amazon is also aiming to power all of its UK businesses with renewable energy by the following year, and a report suggests that it is planning to invest in the Moray West offshore wind farm to that end. 

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3. Vineyard Wind I

Vineyard Wind I, 15 miles south of Martha's Vineyard and 34 miles south of Cape Cod, generates enough power for over 400,000 Massachusetts homes and businesses with an installed capacity of 806 MW. Some of the world's most powerful wind turbines—62 General Electric Haliade-X 13 MW—are used in it. It will also provide thousands of jobs and power more than 400,000 houses. 

According to Avangrid, a member of the Iberdrola Group, more testing is planned to take place both on and offshore in the following weeks for the wind farm. On Tuesday, 2 January 2024, one turbine supplied around 5 MW of power as part of the initial commissioning phase. 

Navigating the Future of Offshore Wind Energy 

These three most recent offshore wind projects are being explored, and a picture of renewable energy is emerging. Offshore wind energy is a constantly changing landscape, and this voyage around incredible projects highlights that. 

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