Mabbett on ensuring companies plan for a net zero future

Mabbett on ensuring companies plan for a net zero future

Geraldine Boylan, Director – Environment at Mabbett, an independent, integrated safety, environment and engineering firm, comments on the role Mabbett is playing in supporting industry to reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions.

Geraldine Boylan

Since Mabbett was founded in 1996, we have focused on provision of delivery, design and implementation of safety, environment and engineering solutions which reduce environmental impact and in turn reduce business costs and risk and enable compliance.

In terms of carbon savings, our now 50-person company punches above its weight with over 1.1 million tonnes of carbon savings identified for clients over the last 10 years alone.

The unique blend of skills, between sustainability, engineering, systems design, contaminated land, ecology and safety has meant a steady stream of Mabbett clients being supported. Clients in engineering, manufacturing, construction and the public sector have been assisted to improve operational efficiency and meet compliance requirements.

Compliance is a must-have requirement; however, the net zero agenda is now mobilising clients to look at business strategies beyond compliance and to look to future opportunities which may not have been dreamed of 20 years ago.

This change is generating challenge, but also innovation. It is forcing companies to plan well into the future, meaning that consideration is made of the net zero carbon agenda at the time of planning.

Requirements from industry, including developers and high-profile construction clients in the renewables sector have provided the opportunity for Mabbett to expand services strategically into environmental planning. Since 2019, the Environmental Planning Team has been successfully led by IEMA Registered EIA Practitioner, Susan Bell.

Mabbett has already built up a portfolio of exciting new projects across a range of sectors, including renewable and low carbon energy across the UK. Having both environmental planning and engineering low-carbon design in-house we are told is a unique offering in the marketplace.

For existing clients in the manufacturing and engineering sector Mabbett offer a ‘complete solution’ for clients pursuing renewable and low carbon energy developments, including ground-mounted solar, onshore wind, battery storage and combined heat and power. Susan and the team are working with clients on standalone schemes exporting to the local electricity distribution network and those connecting into a business to offset the carbon footprint of processes and products.

The Environmental Planning Team includes Landscape Planning and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, as well as Photography, 3D Graphics and Visualisations. These new capabilities complement our existing planning support services, including:

• Environmental Impact Assessment;
• Planning;
• Community Consultation;
• Ecology & Biodiversity Net Gain;
• Ornithology;
• Hydrology;
• Flood Risk & Drainage;
• Noise;
• Air Quality;
• Contaminated Land, Site Investigation & Ground Conditions;
• Construction Environmental Management;
• Energy & Grid Connection;
• Environmental & Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW), and
• Environmental Permitting.

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