Community and Local Energy: What next?

Community and Local Energy: What next?

In our webinar “Community and Local Energy” on 18th June 2020, Jodie Giles, Senior Project Manager at Regen, delivered a presentation on why community energy is key to net zero

Jodie Giles’ discussion is focused on how community and local energy builds support and local economic return, has great public support and addresses poverty.

Want to find out why energy integration and shared ownership is key for a green future?

You can watch the full webinar here for free and see what Jodie Giles had to say about achieving Net Zero, along with our other expert panellists.

What will I learn?

  • How we can think about energy and local resilience
  • Why community energy is key to net zero
  • What does collaboration and carbon co-op look like?
  • What are the barriers to integration and shared ownership and how to address them?

For a sneak peek of Jodie Giles’ discussion, please download the attached slides.

Jodie Giles – Speed and Scale – Presentation

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