The path to building a UK hydrogen economy

The path to building a UK hydrogen economy

In our webinar “Speed and Scale” on 18th June 2020, Matthew Knight Head of Business Development for Siemens Energy, delivered a presentation on building a UK hydrogen economy.

Matthew Knight’s discussion is focused on the benefits of blue and green hydrogen, why we need both, and what individual actions needed to be taken to create a hydrogen economy from scratch.

Want to find out why building a UK hydrogen economy is so important for our future?

You can watch the full webinar here for free and see what Matthew Knight had to say about achieving Net Zero, along with our other expert panellists.

What will I learn?

  • What we need to do to build a UK hydrogen economy in the next 30 years
  • Why we need both green and blue hydrogen
  • How a UK hydrogen industry can replace many other sectors

For a sneak peek of Matthew Knight’s  discussion, please download the attached slide

Matthew Knight – Speed and scale – presentation

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