Helen Donovan: Marine energy Wales

Helen Donovan: Marine energy Wales

Greening the Blue Economy: Marine Energy

The Welsh Government 

In our webinar “Greening the Blue Economy: Marine Energy” on 14th October, 2020, Helen Donovan, Industrial Transformation Division, Welsh Government delivered a presentation on Marine Energy Wales 

You can watch the full webinar here for free and see what Helen Donovan had to say about our marine energy ambitions, along with our other expert panellists.

Watch the webinar on-demand!

What will I learn about?

  • Marine Energy Wales: State of Sector Report 
  • Strategic investments 
  • Wales supply chain expertise 
  • Wales marine sector and the next steps 
  • and more… 

For a sneak peek of Helen’s discussion, please download the below slides.

Helen Donovan: Marine energy Wales

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