Elon Musk to Award $100 Million for Best Carbon Capture Technology

Elon Musk to Award $100 Million for Best Carbon Capture Technology

Elon Musk to Give Away $100 Million for “Best Carbon Capture Tech”

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has announced on Twitter that he plans to give away $100 million as a prize to the best carbon capture technology. The tweet has gained over 500K likes, with the CEO subsequently adding that more information will be provided next week.

As yet, the terms and conditions, including what types of technology and how the contest will work are unclear. Mr Musk stated that “we may need something that’s ultra-large-scale industrial in 10-20 years. For now, by far the top priority is accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy economy.”

Cross-Channel Power-Link Opens

A subsea cable between the UK and France is now in action, importing enough electricity to power 1m British homes. This is the second interconnector linking the two nations, stretching 149 miles along the seafloor.

The interconnector, known as IFA2, is expected to meet about 1.2% of Britain’s electricity demand and help to reduce the use of fossil fuels by importing electricity generated by France’s nuclear power plants.

Schneider Electric Become World’s Most Sustainable Company

Scheider Electric, a Paris-based tech company, has climbed the Global 100 index effectively ousting Ørsted, Danish windpower giant. The company offer technology and energy solutions to brands such as Walmart, Marriott and ArcelorMittal, helping them to achieve their climate targets.

“The core of our strategy is to build a sustainable business and company. Customers, employees, partners and investors have never been more focused on ESG considerations than they are now. Schneider has long embraced those issues, and we keep raising the bar for ourselves, and for our customers and partners,” says Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“When we introduced our first sustainability barometer in 2005, we were an early adopter of ESG matters. But ESG commitments cannot just be a one-off, and we have reinforced ours every three years. All of us – companies, governments, individuals – can contribute to make the world greener and more inclusive. Our new commitments define the next steps of our contribution.”

Alok Sharma said to be “Furious” at Approval of First New Deep Coalmine in Decades

Alok Sharma, the governments newly appointed COP26 President, is said to be furious with Robert Jenrick, the communities’ secretary, for not stopping the approval of the new mine in Cumbria. Jenrick previously refused to intervene, deciding not to use his powers to call in the scheme and block its progress.

Green groups have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arguing that the mine undercuts his promise to lead the nation away from coal. The planning permission to dig for coking coal in Cumbria was approved by councillors and has since come under fire, being labelled as a ‘double standard’ that risks undermining climate talks.

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