MeyGen: Lessons learned

MeyGen: Lessons learned

Marine Energy Show Floor Theatre

In the Marine Energy Show Floor Theatre on 12th May, Andy Baldock, Director, Baldock Energy Ltd., delivered a presentation on MeyGen: Lessons learned.

Andy Baldock, Director, Baldock Energy Ltd.

Andy is a chartered engineer with c. 20 years’ experience in renewable energy. He led the well-respected renewable energy team at Black & Veatch Europe for over 15 years, before starting his own consultancy in early 2019.

His most significant experience is in marine energy, but he also has significant knowledge and experience of bioenergy, offshore and onshore wind, solar and hydro.

Andy has been involved in almost all the key UK marine energy programmes since 2004, and has significant expertise in marine energy technology development, due diligence, project evaluation and monitoring, as well as facilitation and knowledge transfer.

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