Retro fit, low carbon solution

Retro fit, low carbon solution

Heat Decarbonisation Show Floor Theatre

In the Heat Decarbonisation Show Floor Theatre on 12th May, Jim Bisset, CEO, Hydro Genie Systems, delivered a presentation on retro fit, low carbon solution.

Jim Bisset CEO Hydro Genie Systems

My name is Jim Bisset, I’m an electrical engineer with over 39 year’s experience in the industry, the name of my company is Biskit Controls Ltd. I have Invented & Patented, a system that removes dissolved gasses from fluids.

Biskit Controls LTD is a micro SME, from Thornhill, Stirling in Scotland. The company continues to carry out further Research & Development to find new uses for the patented technology.

BisKit Controls Ltd manufactures and installs Domestic and Commercial Hydro Genie System’s across the UK.

All-Energy and Dcarbonise is the UK’s leading and only full supply chain renewables and low carbon energy event for the private and public sector energy end users, developers and investors.

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