Charlotte Owen: Moving on heat and energy efficiency

Charlotte Owen: Moving on heat and energy efficiency

In our webinar “Speed and Scale” on 18th June 2020, Charlotte Owen, Policy Manager at The Association for Decentralised Energy, delivered a presentation on driving heat and energy efficiency.

Charlotte Owen’s discussion is focused on the truth that different areas of the UK will be able to decarbonise at different rates, to different targets. As, heat is inherently local – and different areas of the UK will have different pathways for decarbonisation.

Want to find out how we can enable areas that already have clear decarbonisation pathways?

You can watch the full webinar here for free and see what Charlotte had to say about achieving Net Zero, along with our other expert panellists.

What will I learn?

  • Why don’t local authorities move?
  • What are Zoning and local heat pathways?
  • What does a  planned in-home transition look like?
  • Why we must consider zoning as part of the Heat & Buildings Strategy

For a sneak peek of Charlotte Owen’s discussion, please download the attached slides.

Charlotte Owen – Speed and Scale

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