Regulatory frameworks to sustain successful CCUS deployment

Regulatory frameworks to sustain successful CCUS deployment

Decarbonising Industrial Clusters

In our session “Decarbonising Industrial Clusters” on 12th May, Jonathan Briggs, Project Director, VPI Generation, delivered a presentation on regulatory frameworks to sustain successful CCUS deployment.

Jonathan Briggs Project Director VPI Generation

Mr. Briggs has 30 years working in the Oil & Gas industry with BP, OGCI Climate Investment Fund, and now manages the Humber Zero project, a decarbonization project at the Immingham refining, power and industrial complex. He has held several roles in upstream, LNG, power and CCUS. Previously Mr Briggs was the Managing Director for the Hydrogen Energy Joint Venture between BP and Rio Tinto in North America and managed both BP’s initial CCS project at the North Sea’s Miller platform and later the Don Valley Power Project in 2011. He also chairs the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).

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